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Owner and Editor-in-Chief Gerard Geiger [7 KB] Greetings!

Greetings one and all...Congratulations for landing on my shore...Shake the sleepers from your eyes and I'll try to aid you in navigating my home away from home.

PoetLife is designed as a repository for my current works of poetry...filed in preparation for publishing as my third book. I have not decided on a publisher to date, and am in no rush. When I feel my mental tank is low on current ideas, I will concentrate on preparing another book for publishing from the data I've accumulated. Right now I'm in the skunk works phase...accumulating new works and filling my notebook with ideas for further study. New Works are exactly that...New to me and New to you..hopefully...If any work appeals to you enough to comment, feel free to send me a line at the address on the bottom of my pages. I will try my best to respond in a timely manner.

The notebook section is a compilation of my notes on random topics...some of which may become future Poems once they become fleshed out. My creative process usually spans years from the first spark of an idea...through the germination process...and culminating in spitting out the first draft in a matter of hours. I don't know why the process works this way... it just does for me. You are welcome to view everything I'm currently working on in my notebook and make specific comments if you so desire.

All comments will be confidential...and I will consider them given in the spirit of friendship and open communication.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas on my work and website.

Thank you for surfing by.... Gerard

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